The Idea

This one may seem obvious, but a lot of people seem to avoid asking customers for testimonials. Some common excuses are: too lazy, forgot, waited too long, didn’t know how, don’t know where to put them, and not the right time (feel free to add more if they come to you).

Keep it simple

Don’t over-complicate things. If you sell a product, you can run a promotion in exchange for reviews (like you see on etc.). If you’ve provided a service and done a good job, you should be in the position to make a phone call and ask for their support with a review – preferably on Google, Facebook or another site depending on your business.

Timing matters

This works particularly well when you’ve just delivered the product/service and asked them if they’re 100% happy and if there’s anything else you can do. It also works when you call your customers years later – if they were happy with your service, many people don’t mind.

So just ask. Every time.


  • Ease: Doable
  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Medium
  • Speed: Normal

  • Reach: Global