The Idea

How much fancier can your business card really be (well pretty fancy actually)? Business card alternatives can help you stand out more with an item that’s memorable, personal or quirky. It’s a good idea to show your brand’s personality, either with a custom print shop or simple sticky notes if you’re on a budget.

The fact that it’s more expensive and time-consuming to get something that’s just the right amount of cheesy means you’ll focus on handing your keepsakes out to the few chosen instead of a spray and pray (you should do this anyway).

It’s all about standing out

The simple act of picking something out of the ordinary is a big step towards being memorable. It will make is much easier when you have a followup call in the coming days with contacts you’d like to meet. You just have to reference the interesting item you handed out and you’re in: “Hey Jill, this is Tom – I gave you a mini message in a bottle at the conference last Friday! How are you doing?”

Lego business cards for employees made out of little lego people
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Cater to your customers

If you own a yoga studio, for example, you can hand out mini rolled up yoga mats with your business info and a discount for their first booking. For enterprise and government clients it’s a good idea to be a bit more classy while still being fun. For example, for a yoga studio approaching a business for a corporate bundle, a fancy water bottle or foam yoga brick with your logo imprinted nicely (non-tacky) could keep you in mind much better than a simple business card.

The more useful the better

The problem with most business card alternatives (trinkets) is that they’re annoying and useless. If you make them useful, edible or awe-inspiring, people will want to keep them around. Nobody wants another ugly keychain – but a fortune cookie with a custom message and your logo on the wrapper? Provide real value and create something tailored to your market.

Example business card alternatives

Here are a few examples ranging from balloons to bottles. There are no rules so get creative on your own, using these as inspiration.

Salt or spice bottles

Sea salt mini bottles for use as business card alternatives
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Balloon business card
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Other ideas for business card alternatives


  • Ease: Doable
  • Cost: $10+
  • Scope: Small
  • Speed: Quick
  • Reach: City