The Idea

Educational infographics are a great way to get your audience’s attention, provide useful information and establish your brand as a benevolent expert. To create an infographic the right way, you’ll need to explain a complex concept, design or process in a way that’s easy to understand (info) and include an attractive layout, images or icons (graphic) to make it visually appealing.

Easter idea to create an infographic
Easter infographic by Research Now

Get traffic going to your infographic

Create an infographic that’s share-worthy

To stand out from all the other images out there, there are a few things you should do to make it more likely that the infographic you create will be shared and generate traffic back to your site:

  1. Convert an existing blog post or write one to complement it
  2. Make it colorful to stand out on social image sites
  3. Research the topic well
  4. Look for other available graphics as inspiration
  5. Create an infographic that’s 10x better than the others
  6. Use large text that can be read from a mobile phone
  7. Space sections out to avoid clutter
  8. Use statistics and percentages
  9. Conduct your own mini-study if you can
  10. If you’re not creative, contract a graphic designer
  11. Make sure the copy is engaging
  12. Include your logo or brand name
  13. Use keywords you want to rank for in the infographic
  14. Make it controversial for added virality

Share the infographic everywhere

Images of infographics shared on pinterest
Images of infographics shared on pinterest

The thing that makes educational infographics great is that they’re easy to share – just like a photo. There are hugely popular photo-sharing sites that can make it easier for your graphic to go semi-viral or viral. You should also share it on the media platforms your brand has as well as personal social pages if that suits you.

  • Company blog
  • Email newsletter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Existing blogs may be interested

Try to get your image included on existing blog posts by letting the owner of the content know that they can include your image as long as they provide a link back to your site. This works for content that’s similar or related to your graphic and it’s a way to offer value to blog owners without coming across as needy.


  • Ease: Tough
  • Cost: $10+
  • Scope: High
  • Speed: Normal

  • Reach: Global