The Idea

It’s hard to stand out at events

Creative business¬†cards (I mean really creative) help you stand out. Networking events and conferences are full of business people that want to tell everyone about what they are selling. The problem is, even if what you’re selling is amazing, you’ll likely get lost in the stack of business cards the people you meet take home. It’s especially difficult when the room is noisy or there isn’t time to have a good conversation.

Cheese grater business card
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Add a personal touch

The nicest cards stand out for a brief moment, but not many people really care about that. What matters is making a connection. The best way to do this is to add something that’s very industry specific that people wouldn’t expect. In this case it’s even a good idea to design the entire card around this one, unique, noteworthy thing that’s attached to your card or part of it (made by a custom shop).

Think outside the box

It goes without saying, create something professional but personal. Spend time if you’re capable of in-house DIY route or find a local craftsperson on a classified site or social media group. If you have the money, there are custom print shops that will create professional cards from scratch (usually with a CNC machine) You can find old parts and cheap supplies online from EBay, AliExpress, etc. Don’t be afraid to spend a little bit of money. The creative business card doesn’t have to be a card at all, it can be a business card alternative.

Find a template online if you need

There are a variety of templates available online that you can customize. The options will be a bit more limited than if you created something from scratch or added a unique item to each card yourself. But in a pinch, you can find templates for less than $10 and find a print shop that will help bring it to life.

Ruler transparent business card template

Transparent business card ruler template
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Bike repair functional business cards

Bike mechanic business card being used to tighten nut on bike wheel
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A service business is filled with items you can use to make creative business cards. If you have the money, you can also get them professionally made like many of the examples on this page. Going the DIY route has its own personal touch and is easier to get started quickly. For example, if you own a construction company you can:

  • Glue an interesting piece of tile, wood or metal
  • Place mini level in a cutout somewhere near an edge

Of course these are just a few examples for one industry. Get creative and spend some time on it.

Seed holder business cards

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Kodak film business card example

Kodak CEO's business card looks like a film roll cut out
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The same principles apply, if you own an electronics store you can make creative business cards if you:

  • Attach a piece of a used motherboard
  • Print funny computer-style instructions in raised ink
  • Add buttons from an old portable game console or keyboard



  • Ease: Tough
  • Cost: $100+
  • Scope: Small
  • Speed: Slow
  • Reach: Local