The Idea

An educational email series is simply a planned sequence of emails sent to the people on your email list. The main focus of these emails is to offer as much value as possible to your customers. The content can be anything from a research study to a how-to guide. Just make sure you spend a lot of time on it and it’s not “fluff”.

Make it worthwhile

Create an exceptional educational email series that would run for at least five parts and make it accessible only to your current customers. Future customers should subscribe to your mailing list to receive. Make use of the frequently asked questions and post analytics to come up with relevant material for your customers. Through this, you get to meet their personal needs hence compelling them to purchase more from you.

For instance, if you are in the sportswear business, you can come up with an educational series on practicing tips for professional swimmers and get to cover all other sports sections with time.


  • Categorize your customers per need.
  • Avoid using jargons
  • Be clear
  • Use the series formulae to release your cluster series to the target audience.
  • Start by offering the compilations to your existing customers and let new clients sign up to receive.


  • Ease: Tough
  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Medium
  • Speed: Normal

  • Reach: City