The Idea

Meeting a large group of potential customers, past customers and industry partners all in one place in a situation that makes you look good is almost unheard of. Hosting a charity event is one of the few ways to do this while being in control the entire experience. It can be big but it doesn’t have to be – it could even be an intimate party with 20-30 people. However, you can – and should – make it fun, interesting, engaging and unique.

People raising beer glasses to drink

Content galore

Creating a charitable event can give you a huge amount of content before and after the event. You invite the press, post on social media, create videos for YouTube, put a permanent badge on your website – the opportunities are endless.

Creating relationships

This provides an opportunity to create relationships with charities, the press, customers, industry partners, event planners, DJs and even venue owners if you don’t have your own.

Supporting a good cause

Not only can events be fun and good for business, but it provides you with an opportunity to give back to your community and support a good cause. If every business did this, the world would be a better place.

How to host a charity event

Partner up with charities

  1. Contact charities and find 1-3 that are willing to help out
  2. Come up with a creative event theme (black & white, cats, summer etc.)

Organize venue details

  1. Use your venue or partner with a venue owner
  2. Plan food and drinks
  3. Organize sound systems, lighting etc.

Set the date

  1. Choose a ticket vendor like EventBrite
  2. Pick a date well in advance, preferably Friday or Saturday

Market the charity event everywhere

Man engaging with social media on tablet

  1. Create the marketing materials and start marketing hard
  2. Reach out to everyone on social media, by email, calling etc.
  3. Post to about the charity event your blog and reach out to the press
  4. Create an event on Meetup, reach out to an existing group if possible
  5. Invite people from targeted, local Facebook groups
  6. Make sure the charities post to their outlets as well
  7. Create hype any way possible, with Facebook Live, Tweets etc.
  8. Continue selling until all tickets are sold out

Run the event and post content

  1. Hold the event and make it good
  2. Post content during and after


  1. Reach out to business owners to partner with if you don’t have a venue
  2. Think of what people would enjoy at the event
  3. Create a unique take-home gift for attendees
  4. Try to get a local celebrity to endorse it
  5. Create a hashtag for the event
  6. Donate money from your own business
  7. Get food and drinks from local companies and list them as partners
  8. Reach out to DJs and artists that would like to donate their time
  9. Recognize everyone who helped out formally
  10. It’s worth paying for social ads


  • Ease: Hard
  • Cost: $500+
  • Scope: Small
  • Speed: Slow
  • Reach: Local