The Idea

High-quality leads

Pay-per-call lead generation is a service offered by certain marketing companies that target leads through their ad network and provide a unique phone number that then routes to your business phone number. This allows them to track where and when the call was made as well as the duration. This is important because many of the service providers only bill for “qualified” leads – that often means a phone call that lasted more than two minutes.

It’s expensive

The drawback is it is expensive – between $10-100 per lead depending on the type of business. The higher the ticket item and more demand, the more they’ll charge. Another thing is they can’t guarantee you’ll get calls since they have to wait for someone to click their ads. This means it’s potentially a good way to boost sales, but not a dependable main marketing tool for most businesses.


Find niche/local services

Depending on your country/city there are many other ones that can be a much better fit. There are also services that cater to a specific niche like lawyers, contractors etc. A quick Google search will provide enough for you to at least get on a sales call.



  • Ease: Doable
  • Cost: $10+
  • Scope: Medium
  • Speed: Normal

  • Reach: City