The Idea

The idea is to provide incentives to your followers to like or share your social pages by offering free products (usually digital) in return. There’s a fine like between sleazy and fair, so this generally works well for artists, schools, etc. and companies that post useful content. For this reason you’ll want to make sure whatever you offer for the share is actually something people want – not necessarily that they’d pay for it with real money, just that it’s good enough to give their attention/clicks in return.


  • Be creative with your digital incentives, you can use e-books, audio tracks, free consultations, a discount code for your products or another business (partner up), a free entry to a paid contest you’re running etc. Get creative and as usual, test!
  • Use the free offer of products to appeal to your followers’ altruism. You can do this by stating the importance of your product and how helpful it is. People are more likely to share posts that are helpful to others


  • Ease: Doable
  • Cost: $100+
  • Scope: High
  • Speed: Quick
  • Reach: Country