The Idea

This applies any time you want to speak with someone again and currently have them on the phone or in-person. It prevents the entire black hole zone of not being able to follow-up because you’re asking for a micro-commitment and establishing that your time is valuable.


  • “It would be great to speak with you again, my days book up quickly sometimes so why don’t we set something up now.”
  • “How does next week Wednesday at 10 am sound? Oh Friday is better? Sure let’s stick with that.
  • “If anything changes just let me know, I’ll block of a bit of time then”

You’ll have to be a bit assertive, while still open here. Though it doesn’t always work, at least it prevents complete flops, and encourages greater commitments in the future.


  • Ease: Doable
  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Small
  • Speed: Normal

  • Reach: Local