The Idea

Installing a session tracking software is an essential thing to try if you have a company website or app of any kind. There are a variety of software companies out there that record session or web page visits from every single one of your visitors. Recording sessions complements website heat maps (which you should also be using). It allows you to play, pause, see clicks, see how long users stayed on your site etc.

Fullstory session tracking example
Fullstory session tracking example

This is incredibly powerful because you get to see exactly where things go wrong and where they go right for users on any device, including mobile and desktop.

The software allows you to easily:

  • Spot problem areas that can be improved
  • Find out parts that are working well
  • Find out why sessions are bouncing
  • Get more insight into A/B tests
  • Help customer viewing their screen while providing support
  • Finding bugs in your website or app
  • Uncovering browser-specific issues

Improve sales conversions

Spot problem areas

By replaying each user’s session you’ll be able to see common places where users get confused, angry or bored. Looking out for the trends below will give you a good idea of areas that can be improved, where users:

  • Scroll quickly through content without reading
  • Don’t click on any links
  • Encounter slow load times and click back button
  • Read partway through content then leave
  • Refuse to scroll out of confusion or disinterest
Get Marketing Ideas session tracking with Fullstory
Fullstory dashboard tracking user on

Find out what is working

The flip-side of discovering problem areas is identifying the things that are working well. The point of every interaction is to provide users with what they’re looking for and engage them.  You can see where users:

  • Pause to read content
  • Watch videos or look at media
  • Click or hover over buttons
  • Respond to a call-to-action
  • Fill out a form or click menu links
  • Search for contact information

Enhance Google Analytics data

Measuring engagements can be tricky without session tracking. With Google Analytics (GA) it usually involves setting up custom events and tying them to certain actions like filling out a form or scrolling to a certain point on the page. By integrating GA with session tracking software you can gain insight into:

  • What happens during bounced sessions
  • How different demographics interact with the same content
  • Which traffic sources produce users that interact the most
  • Whether or not ads like Facebook or Twitter ads are sending people that interact
  • How users interact with landing pages that aren’t directly connected to the main site

Get more insight into Split (A/B) Tests

Split tests are essential for improving conversion and creating experiences for anyone that interacts with your marketing materials. Traditionally, you set up two different designs, copy, etc. and then send the material to visitors (offline) or send visitors to the material (online). From there you’d choose based on what converted best with no insight into why it converted better.

Best Session Tracking Software


Inspectlet session tracking dashboard
Image Credit (Inspectlet)

Inspectlet is a session tracking software that also offers A/B Testing, heat maps and form analytics. It is very affordable and used by tens of thousands of businesses. They offer a ton of value that complements Google Analytics perfectly. If you can only afford the time and cost of installing one, Inspectlet is a great choice.


  • Free Plan: 100 monthly sessions, limited features
  • Micro ($39/m): 5,000 monthly users, more features
  • Startup ($79/m) to Enterprise ($499/m): Advanced features and analytics


  • Session replay, downloadable recordings, targeting controls
  • Heatmaps suite with scrollable heatmap, mouse-click, cursor tracking
  • Conversion funnel analytics, API etc.
  • Form analytics


  • Session recording insights not as powerful as other options


Fullstory session tracking screenshot of dashboard
Image Credit (G2Crowd)

Fullstory was one of the first session tracking tools and has a variety of features that makes session-tracking easy to set up. It has a nice user interface and is very easy to set up as long as you know how to add some code to your website header. No heat maps but the user experience makes up for it.


  • Free Plan: 1,000 monthly users, limited features
  • Professional ($199/m): 25,000 monthly users, advanced features
  • Enterprise (Custom): Probably much more advanced integrations and support


  • Session replay
  • Automatic insights into button clicks, user frustration etc.
  • Advanced technical features like JS console recording


  • Expensive compared to other options
  • Lacking features such as heat map and form analytics


Appsee screenshot showing funnel data
Image Credit (G2Crowd)

AppSee is another session recording software that was designed for mobile and web apps. The user interface is not as clean as other options that are more geared towards traditional websites. It has heat maps as well as some analytics that’s useful for making improvements. The main concerns in reviews seems to be pricing, but with a free plan it’s easy to compare.


  • Free Plan: 2,500 monthly sessions, limited features
  • Premium (Cost hidden on their pricing page) 1-2 apps, 5 million monthly users, advanced features
  • Enterprise (Custom): Advanced integrations, dedicated manager, api, etc.


  • Heat maps, session data
  • Session replay
  • Retention analytics, cohorts, crash analytics etc.


Users on G2Crowd say:

  • Paid plans charge per session and are expensive
  • Heatmaps sometimes show incorrect data

Other session tracking software


  • Ease: Easy
  • Cost: $10+
  • Scope: High
  • Speed: Instant
  • Reach: Global