The Idea

People ask questions on the internet for all kinds of topics on websites like Quora. As a business, this means people would might be interested in your products or services are providing an opportunity for you to engage with them and establish yourself as an expert.

The benefit of Quora and similar sites is that other people with the same question will also see your answer. It includes a link to your portfolio which can have a bio and website links etc. And if your answer is good you’ll get people clicking to find out more. And if they’re interested in your service, it’s a form of inbound marketing.


  • Create a list of all keywords relative to your business
  • Use these keywords to come up with questions that ask for information relevant to your products or services
  • Google the questions and find similar questions posted about them
  • Once you find a question relevant to your business, sign up for the site and respond to it
  • While ensuring that your response is of quality and provides value to the person asking
  • After providing your advice, ask for feedback from the person who posted the question on whether your response benefited them and if they have any further questions (This shows that you care and are sincere)
  • Once they have given you feedback, you can (optionally) provide to more info if it applies (e.g. a blog post from your site)

Sites similar to Quora

  • Ask MetaFilter
    • A pay-per-access community that’s been around since 2003
  • StackExchange
    • A mega-site of different communities with many categories and quality answers
  • Yahoo Answers
    • A famous site that’s known for volume of (often poor) responses
  • Ask Reddit
    • A “Subreddit” where users can ask questions to the Reddit community
  • Explain Like I’m Five
    • Another Subreddit where users seek simple answers to often complex questions
  • Fluther
    • Their tagline is “Fluther instantly connects you to helpful people”
  • AnswerBag
    • A community with many different topics from many different people
  • Answers
    • A down-to-business site with questions on topics like law, business and history
  • BlurtIt
    • The “Social Q&A Community”, various subjects while not being so “strict”


  • Ease: Doable
  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Medium
  • Speed: Slow
  • Reach: Global